Hufflepuff Rules

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Hufflepuff Rules

Post  Theresa Cotgrave on Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:18 am

Hello my little Hufflepuffs!

Welcome everyone to the best House in the school; Hufflepuff. You have all done well in avoiding the slimy house of Slytherin, Brianiac house of Ravenclaw and Big headed House of Gryffindor. Of course, I am not naming any names here *Cough* Professor Daniels *Cough*

These our just a few rules from your head of house.

1. Everyone has to use the common room so please leave it clean. If anyone leaves a huge mess without cleaning it then they will also clean the dungeons.

2. No girls in the boys dorms. Although Dorm babies are cute, I wont tolerate them in the great house of Hufflepuff!

3. I do not want to see anything remotely similar to Gryffindor or it's house colours in my common room. If this happens then it may be destroyed... not by me of course.

4. Yes, you can practise spells in the common room but I don't want anyone going to the Hospital Wing because of it. The Hospital Wing is not a nice place to be so avoid it at all costs.

5. Remember that you are in Hufflepuff so let's see some house spirit!

Be proud to be Badgers!

Keep these rules in mind and we will get on well

Professor T. Cotgrave
Theresa Cotgrave

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