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The Storm Residence!

Post  Alexandria Black on Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:30 pm

It was a few days after the shopping spree Alex had gone through in Diagon Alley with Damian, and all she had been doing since then, was to sit curled up in different places of the house, most likely with food items all around her, or she would be at the laptop, again with the foodstuff all around her. Today though, her mum wasn't going to stand it.

"Alex! What are you doing? Staying cooped up in the house all day! Why don't you go out and play?"

"With whom? Amelia? gone. David? Gone. Jessica? I had a fight with her and I am NOT apologizing again!"

Alex's mother looked at the girl sprawled on her bed, seemingly engrossed in the novel open in front of her, with something akin to annoyance. She took a slight pause, wondering what she could say to the stubborn girl to make her change her mind. "You know, there is someone who is here and needs company?"

Curiosity aroused, Alex propped herself on her elbow, looking up at her mother with raised eye brows. "Who?"


"SNITCH?" Alex exclaimed in a horrified tone, as she jumped down from her bed. "Are you kidding me? Did you NOT see what he does to me whenever we go out?"

"Its good for you to get some exercise."

"What part of running behind a puppy who is adamant on running away from me, AND getting scratched by the millions of cats Mrs. Hurley owns, is good for me? The scratches have not yet gone!" Alex answered, holding up her arm to show the scratches in better light.

"That's enough Alex. Snitch is your responsibility, you must take care of him or he goes up for adoption at the animal shelter."

"What? NO! You can't do that!"

"Then take better care of him!" Her mum replied as she walked out of Alex's room, leaving Alex to plop down on her bed.

Five minutes later, Alex was out of the house, taking a joyful and cheery Snitch for a walk, listening to music.

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